They offer a one-stop shop platform where their customers can compare and contrast models and manufacturers. Customers don’t have to go to different stores and can make purchases from multiple sources, saving time and money.

Did you know that 80% of people who stopped using bioresonance therapy stopped smoking?

Sensitivity Imago has developed breakthrough technology by delivering great results to help people quit smoking.

It is a gentle, computer-controlled oscillation therapy and is the easiest and most natural way to quit smoking. How it works is that the body emits various electromagnetic vibrations; Cells, tissues and organs each have their own specific vibrations. The disturbing electromagnetic vibration pattern of a smoker is transmitted to the Sensitivity Imago device via headphones, hand electrodes, scanners. These vibrations are changed in the device and then returned to the patient in the form of healing therapy. Patients often report that they can breathe better during the therapy program. Bio-resonance therapy helps detoxify the body of nicotine and other toxins and take away cravings associated with smoking. Only the body’s vibrations are used to balance and regulate the body itself. All you have to do is bring your last cigarette to smoke as part of the therapy.

One question that most hospitals often face when purchasing a new device is whether it should be new or used. This is not an easy question to answer, as there are many factors to consider when deciding to buy medical equipment – such as cost.

Advantages of purchasing new medical devices

New long-lasting medical devices usually come with a device manufacturer’s guarantee (OEM) that promise a manufacturer’s guarantee for damage or defects in the normal terms of use.

Medical devices that have been used and refurbished are usually offered by retailers with a limited time guarantee. In most cases, this type of warranty does not cover all software and hardware damage.

New and used medical devices usually come with the added benefit of an excellent after-sales service.

All investigations of the technical information are carried out directly by the original manufacturer of the device or in cooperation with the device dealer. The manufacturer’s technical staff have the appropriate training and experience to offer sound support and advice. On the other hand, users of used medical devices may need to contact the distributor of the product without the expertise and experience required to solve problems.