Then again, her mother had also always dreamed of a life on land anyway, even before having met her father, so it all worked out for the best. The topic they were discussing was Melody's return to the sea. Truth be told, she couldn't understand why her mother had wanted to leave the sea for a life on land. She recognized the importance of these lessons, but did her instructor have to go through such lengthy insignificant details, and did she have to hear the same things over and over again? It was who she was, who she was meant to be. Instead they catch Melody's boyfriend, the blonde merboy she met in Atlantica, and attempt to interrogate Atlantica's location from him. But things suddenly go bad when a band of pirates arrive, led by a sadistic captain and a reluctant first mate. She cursed that wicked hag for all that she had done to her and her family, but at the same time, she was grateful to her, for it was through her that Melody had discovered her true heritage.

Even as a commoner, living up to people's expectations was difficult, but when you were royalty, and people had much higher expectations of you, not to mention they were always watching your every move, it became very stressful. Melody is now 16, and is making plans to join the merfolk in Atlantica. "I'm not really giving up anything," she told him. Suddenly, something grabbed her from below and pulled her under. If her mother had felt for her father even half of what she felt for Alex, then she could easily see why she would give up her life in the sea for him, regardless of how wondrous of a world it was.

The Little Mermaid II Return to the Sea. If necessary, she would abdicate the throne if it was a choice between ruling and being with Alex. ", "That's not true!

It was a bittersweet feeling to see her so happy and so in love, knowing what it might lead to one day. His arms were stretched out as well, holding her hands, his powerful tail gently pushing them along. Smirking, he circled around, wrapping his arms around her from behind. Along with Jasmine, Ariel is my favorite Disney princess, but I also adore Melody's character. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. I always felt that she wanted to spend her childhood with her parents but intends to become a mermaid once she grows up. ", He was fun to tease; it made him look adorable. Breaking the surface, she closed her eyes and floated on her back, her long black hair flowing around her. Melody tried to scowl at him, but was unable to keep up the annoyed act, not with him looking so handsome. Alex is voiced by Justin Schulte. She keeps this a secret from her parents, unsure how to tell them of her decision. My instructor is just so dead set on teaching me how to be her definition of a proper princess. Sometimes she really wondered just where all these rules and regulations came from, especially for those on land. Flounder's children, Seaweed, Gils, and Gummy, along with their sisters, Bubbles and Fins, were also frequent visitors to the castle, stopping by every couple of weeks.

Work Search: Did I do a good job on creating an older version of Melody? Pairings: Melody and Alex, Ariel and Eric, Triton and Athena. It was a world of utmost beauty, filled to the brim with life, mystery, and magic. Suddenly, everything made sense. She didn't see what the big deal was; it wasn't like she was running around naked or too overly exposed. Sebastian, Tip and Dash, and Mergirl and Asian Merboy saw Melody and Alex the Merboy Together in the Sea. As a certain Arabic princess once said, there were always people telling you where to go and how to dress; you weren't free to make your own choices, and sometimes you felt like you were just trapped. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Perhaps it was because they knew what she was going through that they were so understanding about her unspoken decision to go back to the sea. They'd been together for four years now, the attraction they had felt for each other having grown evermore over time. This story takes places four years after the second movie. The two of them turned to see five yellow fish with blue stripes leaping in and out of the water towards them. She thrashed about even harder as bubbles escaped from her mouth as she laughed.

I'll also be making references to the TV series, so look out for them. "You know I wouldn't ask for you to give up your life on land for me. Listening to her instructor drone on and on about unimportant proper etiquette had Melody ready to throw a fit. She would never ask such a thing of him, and it didn't even matter since she was the one who wanted to change. "Um… no thank you. Only four years old, but still second in line for the throne, it was little Dorian who would inherit the throne when the time came. ", A question appeared in Alex's eyes, but it took him a few seconds for him to voice it.

"Great to see you, Melody! She rolled her eyes, remembering back to when they first met. "Don't be a guppy," she teased, using her mother's joking insult for her fish friend's cowardliness. They never actually sat down and discussed it, but she felt that deep down they knew what she wanted. Flounder's guppies cried. They Teenagers.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. But while there may be many great benefits in being royalty, there are also many drawbacks that go along with it. Now the situation was reversed, and it was the daughter that didn't fit in with the land society and craved a life under the sea. She left the items where they fell, knowing that the servants would take care of things; that's what they were paid for after all. "Firstborn grandchild, and of his youngest daughter to boot. He affectionately tapped her nose. "The honor is of course mine. ", "Your tail was beautiful," his tailfin tickled her feet, "but your feet are cute. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. "I just think the king will be more inclined to give his blessings if you're there with me. "Maybe…" She decided to let him off the hook. There was a lot of work involved, and not everyone was up to it. ", He gave her a knowing look. I just got a little distracted. They'd started out as friends, both of them dancing around their feelings for each other, but soon enough, they became a couple. Her parents knew, she thought. If I had to, I could learn to… adjust.".

It does indeed seem like such a splendid life full of happiness and free of worry. 21 Favourites. You keep changing hiding places in the middle of the game! And yes, that's his actual name, I found it on both the Disney website and The Little Mermaid website. "Are you guys allowed to be this far away from home all by yourselves?". Along with Jasmine, Ariel is my favorite Disney princess, but I also adore Melody's character. "He was being really broody too. Coming out of her daydream, Melody returned her attention to the overly strict by-the-book woman.

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