To All the Boys I've Loved Before Summary/Review, Ok I'm being honest I took me way too long to read this book. While the novel was primarily about how Olivia recovered from the shock of losing her intended on their wedding day, it was also about the strained relationship between a mother and daughter. It’s every bride’s worst nightmare: jilted at the altar. Which wouldn’t have mattered if she were married, but she’s not and now her mother is barely speaking to her because what will Scarlett’s church frie. I wish I could say I was completely obsessed with this book but I just wasn't. It really shows that the author went above and beyond. How to start my review? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I find a lot of these listen & read books - have been books that a lot of reviewers are saying that they were a bit confused or lost ...i wonder if they had listened to the book if they would. Add all of these things together and I wish he would go to my school. Plus I love a good story. This novel was well written and the story line engaging. If you read the book you would have gotten that last one, so read the book to be in on the club!!! be sure to have some tissues, what a listen or read ... but i enjoyed it. Highly recommend this book! AT ALL!!! But it's all I got. The romance in Since You've Been Gone isn't as straightforward as it is between Taylor and Henry in Second Chance Summer, but it's a satisfying slow burn reminiscent of Amy and Roger's in Matson's first novel. After reading the description of this book I thought, how could I not grab this one? Will people give anything labeled "Christian lit" 5 stars, even if it's bad christians in a bad story suffocated by bad writing? If the grandmother is played by Shirley McClain that would help, the other characters don’t deserve a star. Olivia walks through some of the darkest moments a woman can face, one on top of the other. But either way, I'm so glad I tried it now. This is the kind of story that I'd bet would have me engrossed, pouting and crying while my family looked on with amusement. Two years together and this was going to be the summer to top it all off... that was until Emily came back from a vacation to find her friend gone...vanished, like she was never there. It did not feel rushed and had equal moments of despair and healing. This was my first ARC. I can see where both ways would be very natural. “That’s it . This story, although fictional, is evidence that our faith can continue to be small and yet still present. As Emily completes each item on the list, some part of her grows and changes. Yeah sounds pretty lame. It did not feel rushed and had equal moments of despair and healing. Oh, and my best friend just switched schools after 7 years together! She can’t believe he was leaving her, but he was going in the wrong direction. We've all heard what the experts/ parents (who think they're the experts) say, "6-8 hours of sleep a night!" what an uplifting story of a woman's terrible heartbreak as well as her spiritual separation from her fam & her Lord. And then Olivia finds out she’s pregnant. be sure to have some tissues, what a listen or read ... but i enjoyed it. This book was bad. While driving away from the church. Probably one of my favorite parts of this book was the flashbacks to before Sloane left. House boarded up and cars gone. I LOVED THIS BOOK. That's the end of my uber long introduction I never plan for but just happens. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. This was definitely not the summer Emily planned...but maybe that's a good thing. Great contemporary. But alas, I decided it was much better to read the story in full, and learn all the details as Olivia was. by Brilliance Audio. 3 min read. You’ll love it!”. Mostly boring with a couple of moving moments. to go for what she wants. My favorite character was her grandmother, Ruthie, who provided the wisdom and unconditional love Olivia needed. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys reading about love and forgiveness. Instead, she grows as a human being. I received a free copy of this book from netgalley. Unfortunately, I can not pull off the hipster look like Sloane could. I found it interesting that those closest to Olivia were the ones most likely to overly protect her. Listen or Read ...which ever u do prefer it! It's interesting to me how some people who've gone through a difficult death in their life can read books about characters who are going through similar feelings, while others cannot. Sappy, “made for TV movie”. Anyway, I hope this one doesn't seem rushed because the bff wants it and of course since it's my favorite contemporary I'm eager to hand it over! But now? Wyatt is supposed to meet her at the church. It made me dream of adventures in a small town. Her characters were so real, I felt like I was sitting beside Olivia as each painful journey she took was mixed with tears and disappointment. Two years with Sloane, the best friend that always was the life of the party; the outgoing side to Sloane and Emily. In all Olivia's journey is one of sorrow and healing and definitely worth your time to read. It really ties the book together. Also that ending is picture perfect and makes me happy and giddy. I can see where both ways would be very natural. I'm not sure I would have even wanted to try this book prior to experiencing a loss in my life. And yet, each person was necessary for Olivia to be able to heal I think that Ruthie was probably my favorite character and I love the quiet tenacity of Evan. but what makes it unique is that it goes in the past. They gave me glimpses of a vibrant personality who I wanted to imitate. I picked up this book reading the blurb, thinking this is about a strong woman, Olivia who, after being jilted at the alter when her fiancé dies in an accident on a road 50 miles away from the church with a baby gift in the back seat, and going through various hardships, discovers life again. I was immediately drawn to this storyline just by reading the summary. She was to be married to Wyatt, but he doesn't show up at the wedding. Anyway, the point of that was my excuse for being busy. However, she left a note, with a list of things to do: Emily wondered why Sloane sent her this list, but she thought that it might lead her to her, so she got started on it as soon as she could. Outgoing Sloane and shy Emily were inseparable best friends. At points in the story my heart broke for Olivia to the point where I considered not finishing the story, but I was so intrigued that I had to finish reading it.

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