Frederick Sykes | Both attempted to attack the protagonists (Alan Abernathy and Kayley) along with their love interests (Christy Fimple and Garrett). Sir Ruber (or Ruber for short) is the main antagonist of Warner Bros.' 1998 animated feature film Quest for Camelot. Ruber also has his pet griffin to steal Excalibur from Camelot, although the theft is bungled and the sword is dropped into the Forbidden Forest, thanks to the intervention of Ayden, the pet silver-winged falcon of the legendary wizard Merlin. Images and videos of the evil and power-mad knight Ruber from the 1998 animated film Quest for Camelot. Joker (Batman vs. TMNT) | Lord Ruber, simply known as Ruber, is the main antagonist of Warner Brothers' 1998 animated feature film Quest for Camelot, which is based on the 1976 fantasy novel The King's Damsel by the late Vera Chapman. Both tried to overthrow the rulers (The Sultan to Jafar, King Arthur to Ruber) to become the new ruler of the kingdom. Hotel Caretaker | Swearing that she will not serve a false king, Kayley slams a wooden beam into Ruber, launching him out of the window, and she is trapped by him when she follows. Aguila | During much of the film, Ruber and his posse chase Kayley (who is assisted by Ayden now, a blind hermit named Garrett, and a two-headed dragon named Devon and Cornwall), only to fall into some trouble with the forest's natural inhabitants. At the same time, Ruber dies as the energies between the stone and the potion conflict with each other, and disintegrates, destroyed by the very same power he sought to obtain. Meme Status Submission Type: Character, Fan Art, Parody, Pop Culture Reference Year 1998 Origin 4chan Tags ruber, quest for camelot, warner brothers, animation, cartoon, vera chapman, the magic sword: quest for camelot, the king's damosel, gary oldman About. Rex Dangervest | Arthurian Wild Wild West Villains | Both tried to kill the leaders as their main target for revenge (Archer to Chip Hazard, King Arthur to Ruber). Miss Minchin | During a meeting, he attempts to take advantage of his rank by desiring riches, to which Arthur refuses to allow. Bruiser | Ruber then suggests that he nominated himself for the throne of Camelot, which one of Arthur's loyal knights, Sir Lionel, berates him by responding, "I will not serve a false king." Ruber is a very brutal, callous, evil, and greedy man with the brink of his insanity, due to his obsession with his idea of becoming the new king of Camelot. Dusty | Characters: Kayley • Garrett • Ayden • Devon and Cornwall • Bladebeak • Ruber • Lady Juliana • Sir Lionel • King Arthur • Merlin • The Griffin, Malevolent, brilliant, stingy, tough, nefarious, discourteous, loyal, snooty, murderous, spoiled, self-absorbed, power-hungry, sinister, vengeful, serious, independent, responsible, roguish, ungrateful, bold, emotionless, recalcitrant, fussy, attentive, lion-hearted, strong-willed, egotistical, kooky, ill-tempered, negative, grouchy, rowdy, uncompromising, bad-tempered, efficient, rambunctious, brutal, abrasive, relaxed, offensive, no-nonsense, rude, unkind, boorish, eager, relentless, mean-spirited, argumentative, stoic, traitorous, evil, rough. Clowns (Joker) (Clown & Ambulance Clown) | Scorpion | MonsterVerse Villains | Foot Clan (Shredder & Baxter Stockman) | He is cunning and exceptionally strong, able to kill a dragon with nothing but his bare hands. Both attempted to rule the kingdom - Scar eventually does so, whilst Ruber unfortunately does not. "One day, that sword will be in my hand!". Reptile | Following his ten years in exile, Ruber has gathered a swarm of barbaric followers to support his cause to take over Camelot. However, using Excalibur, Arthur beats Ruber back. Paraphernalia As the tenth year passed by, Ruber concocts an evil plan to steal Excalibur and using land wagons to infiltrate into Camelot. Ruber and his henchmen landed unconscious but survived. Other names Meowrice | Mal Cobb | Foot Clan | Rick and Morty Villains | As a result, Ruber's soldiers revert to their ordinary human selves, allowing Arthur's knights to arrest them and reclaim their kingdom. This drove Ruber into a murderous rage, wanting to kill Arthur with a mace, but the brave Lionel defended the king at the cost of his life, right before Ruber turn to attack Arthur. Riddler | Muscle Man | He is cunning and exceptionally strong, able to kill a dragon with nothing but his bare hands. Quan Chi | This causes the power of the stone to kick in and Ruber, now realizing this, attempts to pull himself free from the stone, but he can't, due to the fact he is not the rightful king and him attaching Excalibur onto his own arm, as the energy given off by the stone expunges the taint of his potion from the sword. Powerpuff Girls Villains | However, following the 10-year rule of peace and justice in Camelot, Ruber grew addicted to power. On his wrists, he wore red wrist cuffs with each single silver spike. Both have avian creatures as pets (Iago and The Griffin). Marvin the Martian | Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe Villains,, Ruber is loosely based on the Red Knight from the novel that inspired the movie ". Dr. Charles Nichols | As a result, the spell is broken, and all of Ruber's soldiers, as well as Bladebeak return to their normal forms. Two-Face (Batman vs. TMNT) | Later on, Kayley finally manages to find Excalibur and prepares to head to Camelot. Both have avian-like creatures as pets (Hayabusa and The Griffin). Both died at the climax (The hyenas devour Scar, The stone disintegrates Ruber). Kitty Galore | Mrs. Cade | However, upon learning of the Excalibur's current location from the Griffin and seeing Kayley escaping into the Forbidden Forest to search for it, Ruber orders Bladebeak and few of his men to follow her. Ruber then takes the opportunity to claim Excalibur for himself by using his magic potion from earlier to merge the mighty sword to his own right hand (despite writhing in pain as he does that), replacing his whole right arm to that of a mechanical version to hold the sword. Tom | Sugar | Gary Oldman who voiced Ruber, also played other villains such as Lord Shen in. Ruber is far different from the other knights, with his deformed look and his own muscular strength that makes him stand out. Karai | Bane | During the ransacking of Lady Juliana's village, Ruber uses a potion he bought from some witches (the potion is labeled to have come from ACME) to transform his followers into an army of "iron men with hands of steel" and prepares to ride to Camelot. Susan McCallister | Ruber doesn't takes this too well if Kayley or Garrett interfere with his plans, where they are foiled. Noah the Elder | Two-Face (Lego) | Lord Ruber Warner Bros. Villains Source. They use boars as mounts. Both killed the protagonists' fathers (However, Voldemort has murdered both Harry's parents James and Lily Potter, whilst Ruber only kills Sir Lionel). Quest for Camelot Anubis | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the ransacking of Lady Juliana's village, Ruber uses a potion that he bought from some witches (the potion is labeled to have come from ACME) to transform his followers into an army of "iron men with hands of steel" and makes ready to ride to Camelot. Lawrence Van Dough | Lord Ruber was a dark knight, an ex-member of the Round Table and the primary antagonist in Quest for Camelot. Both tried to overthrow the rulers (The Emperor to Shan Yu, King Arthur to Ruber) to usurp the throne. Carl Grissom | To steal the sword Excalibur, conquer Camelot, kill, Dragon meat, Transforming his human minions into mechanical monsters with his potion, his obsession over Camelot, the idea of being the new king, Gets disintegrated into oblivion by the stone after accidentally sending Excalibur back into the stone, with the only thing left of him being one of his shoulder pads. Muscular, brutal, extremely greedy, tough, insane, rude, loyal, arrogant, etc. Mojo Jojo | Ruber then makes camp outside Dragon Country at night, plotting to get revenge on Kayley. During the fight, Kayley overhears Ruber to Arthur about the demise of Lionel. Following ten years since Ruber is exiled from Camelot, he has gathered a swarm of barbaric followers and a griffin to support his cause to take over Camelot. Tasmanian Devil | Coincidentally, the villains which Gary Oldman has portrayed, Ruber included, are all authoritative, power-hungry and would-be dictators. One of Arthur's loyal Knights named Sir Lionel upbraids him for it, swearing that no one will serve a false king. As the tenth year passed by, Ruber formulated a plan to steal Excalibur and use land carriages to infiltrate Camelot to exact his revenge. Two-Face | Take over Camelot.Kill Kayley and Garrett (both failed). Captain Poison | At the same time, Excalibur is restored and Ruber gets killed as the energies between the stone and the potion conflict with each other, disintegrating him to pieces, being destroyed by the very same power he sought to obtain. Barkis Bittern | Fate Ruber is Kayley's nemesis, and he plans to kill her if Juliana doesn't help him with his plot. Poison Ivy | Following his ten years in exile, Lord Ruber has gathered a swarm of barbaric followers to support his cause to take over Camelot. Although he gathered his henchmen and the Griffin, he can also be aggravated, resentful and quarrelsome by their nonsensical foolishness and their awkwardness, especially where they are about to take Excalibur from the ogre. Fortunately, Garrett, Ayden, Devon, and Cornwall show up to the rescue; while Ayden, Devon, and Cornwall deal with the Griffin by burning him, Garrett takes Kayley to an underground tunnel leading to the Round Table, where Ruber is ambushing Arthur before he declares himself to be the new king. Ruber flying in a murderous rage to kill Arthur. However, Ruber is unaware that both Garrett and Kayley are next to the stone where Arthur once wielded Excalibur from it before becoming king. Both use magic (Witchcraft and Acme potion). Alexander Wiliams Ruber can clearly get annoyed by their stupidity whilst searching for Excalibur. Ruber's minions are the minor antagonists of Quest for Camelot, that work for, of course, Lord Ruber himself.

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