GREAT! i've never recieved anything from nissan. I get 3-5 calls a day from this number. I explain to her my situation. When asked to speak to a manager they couldn"t even do that right. It appears that their issues are with the finance company, not Nissan vehicles! Could not pronounce Nissan so I could understand. This is delaying my retrieval of my vehicle. I have always paid my bill on time no missed payments never late. I asked to re-lease the car, but was rudely told that they demanded that I return the car and is not in the practice of re-leasing. I have been thru hell my husband left me because of the depression and so I down graded to a more affordable car a versa nissan a payment I could afford. She's contacted Nissan to give them her current contact information. So many American companies complain about sales and profit...even as they work had to destroy customer relations. I don't know why they keep telling me it will, when it never does. On this last lease, I decided to BUY-OUT my lease at the end. I will NOT buy any Nissan products again for sure and will keep my beautiful 1970 Datsun 240Z RB25det for life. 800 777-6116 Contacting Nissan has proven to be worthless!!!!!!!! DO NOT FINANCE A CAR FROM NISSAN. The first person I spoke with when I called this number was so heavily accented I could not understand a single word he said and I asked to speak to his manager. They could make paying off your car easier, example, allowing you to pay off your car online with a bank transfer, but they only allow 2000 a month because they want you to spend on interest. Unreal! At 8:35 this morning they called. You can't even count on your,old salesman from  your last sale due to pressure,and burnout. The repair/dealer has REFUSED to provide me the return of my vehicle, because of safety.This has been on-going for 3 weeks & is UNACCEPTABLE!!! I understood that i would be charged the 2 months left on lease because i was not re-leasing. What kind of business practice is this? "Bought a car from here over a year ago and love it. Asked for a supervisor, they had no one! Over a month ago I was hit from behind in my NEW 2019 Nissan Altima. These guys really know what they're doing. I would of had my payment deferred if I had no intentions of paying my account before the 30 day mark. P. Leased a vehicle from Buena Park Nissan and was assured there would be no additional fees upon return if car was within miles and normal wear and tear. Calling under ID of Nissan Motor AC. In the event of a police traffic stop, I had to be prepared to prove to the officer that all this was true. Also, I have seen reviews of customers having issues with. Zero problem resolution. Today, one of their customer service reps tells me that there is no way for them to know the status because the group that handles that is different and that they don't have phone access. 1-800-456-6622. I will honestly never be the same due to my time with NMAC, and I planned to buy a home in Sept 2013...thanks NMAC. This is your problem, not ours"" WHAT? However, yesterday I received a call saying that my lease was up. Some dealers are good some bad. I lost my father to pancreatic cancer then my 42 yr old brother passed away from a heart attack and then my other little brother died from an infection in his blood he got from the hospital. I spoke to a gentleman to pay my bill and he was screaming at me over the phone. I paid a month of interest up front so the payment could be set up a month a I would then have an extra month fbefore I STARTED A CAR PAYMENT EASY RIGHT. So apparently, at Nissan, the company culture here is "pass the buck." Customer service calls rerouted to Philippines. I asked them what vehicle they were talking about. Called the dealer to complain, was told to call Nissan directly @800-456-6622, asked to talk to a rep, no help. I have had problems since day one. If you have to deal with this corporation, good luck." Nissan decided without calling me or contacting me to repo my car even though i have never missed a payment and i kept paying them. Sent payoff from ins company and didn't hear anything for three weeks. Beware!!! This must stop..I have never dealt with this company and am ready to file anyway possible to ge tthis annoying call to stop. WARNING ALERT: NEVER BUY A NISSAN VECHICLE, PEOPLE THINK THAT THEY HAVE BETTER QUALITY VECHILES BUT THEY REALLY DON'T. They have nothing but I have been harassed until I have been mentally pushed over the edge they have harassed me until I cannot function anymore.

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