Jauhari is quick to show Adil that he may not look the part of a suave businessman, but that doesn't mean his business acumen is not as sharp as his, if not better. Moments such as these: Billionaire heir Angad Roshan's parents judge their future daughter-in-law for having an abortion in the past. Through DIO, Pucci found that he could get to Heaven through the crazy ritual. Let me know if you feel I'm off-base. When 60-year-old widow Gayatri finds a partner and friend in Bijoy, her children refuse to attend her wedding, thinking of it as a scandal. I would hate Rohan in real life, but I fucking love him in the story. Plot Keywords Pucci aims to make humanity feel at peace with their destiny that way. The bittersweetness comes into effect when remembering the death of F.F. Synopsis In a deeply emotional state, his father's support gives Karan the courage to confront his first abuser - his mother. They are this way because they exist in the original universe, and thus the universe where their souls are. The reason their souls do not exist is not because he physically destroyed them, but because they were left behind in the old, original universe. Which means: -He would have been able to be there for Jolyne, and give her the love she needed. Pucci's language here is dramatic, but only correct in terms of technicality. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Now we can assume that Pucci's perception of time can be made to fit his stand, its why he's able to keep up with the time speed up when no one else can, which is why it appears he is moving extremely quickly but really everyone else is moving slow to him while he is keeping up with the constant of time. She decides to walks out of her marriage, determined to live life on her own terms - without the weight of her past transgressions and childhood insecurities hanging on her. During a wedding, Karan and Tara stumble upon the family patriarch sexually assaulting a young and impoverished mehendi artist. In summary, at the end of part 6, Emporio returns to the original universe because the Pucciverse collapsed. you know that's crazy, but I think you've got it lol. But hold on, right after Pucci's death we can see the effects of Emporio being pulled into a new universe again, just like what happened when the universe was reset the first time. It feels "JoJo," if that makes any sense. The characters are amazingly real. Jolyne begs her to wait as Jolyne will get her memory/stand disc back from Pucci but F.F says that while it will be "F'F. The Mishras are disappointed that they can't splurge on their only daughter's wedding ... Geetanjali Sinha, a Wharton graduate, is marrying Nikhil Swarup, a doctor residing in London. I don't fully understand how it functions. However: it does have the ability to remove people from "existence" from a new universe upon death, merely as a consequence of the cosmic law of "The dead cannot cross over". A wedding so straightforward couldn't have come at a better time. The original universe "ended" at the end of Cape Canevral = The Pucciverse is lagging behind the original universe. Therefore it would have by that point completely overwritten the previous universe and thus become permanent. So there's that, correct? Pucciverse Start Point = Jolyne and Jotaro's Meeting at the Beginning of part 6. After all, Pucci stated that Spots Maxx was the only person capable of using DIO's Bone to create the requirements of the Green Baby. Based on the Nirbhaya case, Delhi Crime follows the Delhi Police investigation into the finding of the men who perpetrated this crime. I get so disappointed at how often I see "PUCCI DID IT FOR DIO" and "HEAVEN IS A PLACE WITHOUT JOESTARS" it's like wtf did you even read Part 6? Because of this, he did not influence the events that resulted in Part 6 and lead to the main crew's deaths, he also ended up giving the the main characters a much better life because of his lack of influence. -Without Pucci, no one was able to truly carry out DIO's legacy. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Is he guilty or not ? As stated before: the dead do not transfer over. So essentially, these new "counterparts" are more like "reincarnations" and they actually contain the souls of the deceased. Yeah I’m saving this tho for inevitably when MiH is finally animated and people have questions. This is because the original universe had not been completely overwritten yet because the Pucciverse did not pass the point of original acceleration, so being that it had not been completely overwritten then technically it still exists in some form, and if the Pucciverse is colllapsing, the universe only has one option and that is to go back to the status quo since it is the only intact universe available. In contrast with its predecessors, it does not have "GΔCT" symbols on its body. That's when Karan, who's taken upon the society, the law, and even his own mother, breaks down completely. It is because Pucci's work actually had not yet been completed. But, if you look at the guards and prisoners in a brief scene after Emporio arrives in the Pucciverse, they too are aware of the universe reset and just as shocked as Emporio. Angad stands up to his parents, stating that no one's virginity status should matter in a marriage. -We have evidence that this is the original universe because a new universe was not created by Pucci for time did not speed up to the point that it would have created a new universe. But, for Pucci, it was probably the guilt of destroying Weather's life and killing his sister. Although it is still bittersweet, because main characters that Emporio knew are gone because their memories are gone. Thank you for your service. Seems like OP is deleting and reposting every so often for some reason. All images are screenshots from the episodes on Amazon Prime Video, unless specified otherwise. The answer is yes... and no. [6] However he retains all of his human weaknesses: running or swimming around will tire him,[7] while being exposed to a hazardous environment like a room with a high concentration in oxygen will endanger him noticeably faster than his opponents. That everything happens for a reason and everyone is where they are for a reason. If the Pucciverse is only possible because Made in Heaven sped up time, then it is not a stretch to say that the reason "why" Pucci is afraid that if he dies his universe will be changed is because he is actually holding it together. tyvm! Made in Heaven speeds up time at Cape Canevral -> Results in Pucciverse, Pucciverse stops speeding up at the "Beginning of Part 6". Thanks for the Reddit Gold, was not expecing that! Becuase it is explained earlier that it is a cosmic law that those who are dead, do not transfer over to the next universe then there isn't any reason to believe that Pucci isn't under the same rule. Now because the Pucciverse was entirely a result of Made in Heaven and since it is gone, then its likely that the Pucciverse too will be wiped from existence. Damn, I like this a lot. a match made in heaven phrase. It is because, as I mentioned they aren't counterparts but they are the real versions of the deceased. Emporio sees counterparts of Hermes, Jolyne, Annasui and Weather Report in the new universe. As a devout Catholic Priest, Pucci became enamored with the idea of "Heaven". Made In Heaven chronicles the lives of Tara and Karan, two wedding planners based in Delhi. Ok so first off we have to explain how Made in Heaven works. The second one needs some explaining. But at the heart of it, it's a story that presents the insecurities, traumatic incidents, ambitions, and idiosyncrasies that shape an individual's life. Sex, drugs and a gruesome murder. The evidence is stacked against him, but he doesn't remember the grisly crime. Anyone that is killed in the previous universe will not cease to exist, but simply be replaced by a similar substitute, though Pucci states that their souls and personalities will have been erased and that they will appear as completely different people. Annasui is in a healthy relationship with Jolyne. So if Pucci's soul was also trapped in the Pucciverse, then he either does not exist in the next universe, or was replaced by someone very different. That Made in Heaven hasn't completely "overwritten" the previous universe because not all events in the previous universe had happened yet. 『T - Triple Knife Throw』 The user takes three knives and throw them directly in front of them, dealing insane damage. It does not happen because Pucci has some sort of ability to change history or warp reality in his new universe (The Pucciverse). "Although the body and mind do not understand it, the spirit remembers everything! He is crying because his friends are not dead after all, but they just have no memories of him or the events that lead them to friendship. There isn't any evidence to suggest that they had changed in anyway but merely carried over. What isn't true, is that he "destroyed" their souls.

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