Yeasmin, L., Ali, M. N., Gantait, S., & Chakraborty, S. (2015). Bamboo is an anisotropic and natural composite material due to the structure composed of mostly vascular bundles (which comprises of sclerenchyma, metaxylem vessels, sieve tubes with companion cells), embedded in a ligneous matrix (parenchyma) (Liese 1987; Smole et al. doi:10.1177/0040517510385173. 2(2), 90–102. China Patent No. 2) and become lignified in the early stages of shoot growth (Parameswaran and Liese 1980; Liese 1987; Liese and Tang 2015). Additionally, marketers should qualify renewable material claims if the item is not made entirely with renewable materials (excluding minor, incidental components). 19, 418–428. Biodiversity, European Centre for Innovative Textiles, Besides, these materials do not possess antimicrobial properties as claimed by the marketers. 2004). Fiber length is not only significantly correlated with fiber diameter and cell wall thickness, but also with the modulus of elasticity and compression strength (Chaowana 2013; Liese and Tang 2015). Romeo And Juliet Pdf, 2000; Das et al. Bamboo biomass: various studies and potential applications for value-added products. Atelier Lydie & Suelle Endings, Delhi: Asia Pacific Business Press Inc. ISBN 9788178331508. 2015). 5(2), 17–23. Conversely, Zhou and Deng (2005) found that natural bamboo fiber does not possess any significant antibacterial effect and albeit it does, the bacteriostatic activity came from the crude and particular micro-structure of the natural bamboo fiber, not from the antibacterial constituents reported Zhou et al. Besides, Liese (1987, 1992) reported that the chemical composition varies according to species, the growth condition, age and the part of the culm. However, according to Stapleton (1997) the term amphipodial or amphimorph though often used is possibly misleading. Leslie Jordan Net Worth, d Bamboo rayon fiber. ZL02113180.7 gives an account of the process of manufacturing real natural bamboo fibers that effectively retains the excellent qualities of bamboo fibers. Panda, H. (2011). Sony Ax43 Vs Ax33, 5(1), 12–15. It is one of the fastest growing plant species and can grow and adapt to a wide variety of climatic conditions. 2013; Liese and Tang 2015). The regenerated bamboo fibers are spun into yarns. It was also found that antibacterial agents are located in lignin and not in hemicelluloses or other water soluble chemical components. c Bamboo processed further into fine pulp sheet. A. 39(1), 55–58. An assessment of the validity of claims for “Bamboo” fibers. B. The length of internodes appearing from the culm sheath towards the end of the growth period varies with the species and has a stable genetic basis (Banik 2015); longer in those species in which the growth periods begin earlier.

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