Of course, in the end, we love to know the performance statistics, and a sub-3 second 0-60 mph time should satisfy anyone. 700HP V12 WARRANTY! then Click "Saved Searches" above. LamboCARS main / Lambonews / Very rare Lamborghini Reventon Roadster offered for sale. As a side note, when the Reventon Roadster went on sale in October 2009 it had a pre-tax starting price of 1.1M EUR (1.6M USD). 2013 in LamboNEWS. LP700-4 Lamborghini Apus It also looks like we will be doing a full page for classics with several dealers talking about doing the same also. a gorgeous Additional photos can be found at the source link below. with By Mark Smeyers on October 11. The 2016 LP 700-4 checks all of the boxes for a properly established exotic car. It's the only right-hand drive car sold outside of Asia and is available for 1.1M GBP (1.75M USD or 1.29M EUR). *** SYSTEM! Along the rockers and floor pans, the air is channeled to cool the massive carbon brakes and provide additional downforce. We were delighted with last year’s LP720 anniversary edition, but it proved to be a one year only horsepower rating. pleased To cope with the additional speed, downforce has been increased by 180%. initial... Lamborghini Paramus Imports Just a quick note to inform you that my Lamborghini Aventador was sold to a client in Dallas, Texas. BRAKE Very rare Lamborghini Reventon Roadster offered for sale. Only a few technicians in the world are capable of repairing the one-piece carbon-fiber body. Miami, FL, CNC Motors PRE-OWNED Aventador ***ONLY Also, I would welcome a new exhaust that would be lighter and even more imposing, which is tough to imagine! A prominent start/stop button is hidden beneath a red flip-cover, much like an aeronautical bomb-release. in exceptional We've been seeing limited edition Lamborghini being offered for sale on a rather regular basis, but this listing surely is one of the more rare species on the market ... how about a Reventón Roadster? ISR Thanks for a good job. VERY issues... Prestige Imports Though a Lamborghini for sale may seem expensive, the precision of engineering and advanced design allows for them. Although it packs a powerful punch, the driving experience is not much different from your daily driver. after Other unique features in this special series include exclusive equipment designed specifically by Centro Stile. AWD. 6.5L FACTORY NEW! MODEL a this its AND LIFTING transmission Thank you for keeping in touch, and when I’m ready to move on from the Lamborghini Murcielago, I know where to find you. 2014 five Guarantee finished Marrone OF 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) takes just 3.4 seconds and top speed stands at 205 mph (330 km/h). Sleek black accents finish off the Pirelli Edition, covering the roof, air intakes, engine hood, pillars, and rearview mirrors. (auto Brown) The A front lift system allows for speed bumps or steep driveways, and the front storage compartment is large enough for a weekend road trip. BuyBack It weighs 1,690 kg (25 kg heavier than the coupe) and features an AWD system which sends power to all four wheels in varying doses according to road conditions. LP 270931 - © 2000-2020 LamboCARS.com - with LamboPower.com. To view your saved cars close this window, It might not be as special as the Gundam-inspired Veneno, but the Reventon Roadster remains one of the most exclusive cars released by Lamborghini in modern times. Riverside, CA. Originally introduced in 2011, the price has been offered at a base of $393,695 for its 4,000 unit production run that continues to present day. Register an account to save your searches To view your saved searches close this window, V12 This year, the LP700-4 returns with 700 hp and 507 foot-pounds of torque at all wheels. At the debut, the "J" sported a visible lack of windshield and side glass, while built-up arches around the driver and passenger act as rollover protection. is vehicles Dallas, TX, Bentley Bugatti Lamborghini Maserati and Rolls-Royce of Chicago Lamborghini So we are looking at a highly limited production car with features years' ahead of its time back then like the dashboard display, the LED Y-shape taillights, the glossy black wheels with clear carbon fiber fins ... all bespoke for the Reventón back in 2007 and 2009. Enter a Valid ZIP Code to locate cars in your area. Following the demand for an open-topped version, The Italian exotic car builder introduced the slightly more practical convertible in December 2012 following their debut of an open-air concept at the Geneva Auto Show. RED PERSONAM Click here to read more. Sad to see it go, but got my Aventador after all. on While the performance figures remain the same as in the standard supercar, the exterior of this special edition is what makes it stand out. The ante was upped for their famed flagship model with the release of a special series: the LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition. EXTERIOR The back features an aggressive diffuser to settle turbulent air from the undercarriage. All rights reserved. Geneva Our Privacy Policy has changed. ***1 TRANSPARENT... Lamborghini Palm Beach For more than five decades, Lamborghini Automobili has been known as a company that infuses mind-boggling speed, refinement, and comfort into each of its AWD creations. New York, NY. This seems to be the situation with a 2010 model which had only one owner who drove it for just 10,000 miles (about 16,100 km). to our If you need to own the state of the art in supercars, our dealers would be happy to find the perfect one for you. 7-Speed A redesigned rear engine cover reveals the 6.5 L V12 power-plant through two stretched hexagonal openings. (Matte The LP70-4 makes an additional 50 horsepower and weight has been reduced by 110 lbs. pre-owned Powering the roofless Reventon is a V12 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated engine outputting 670 HP (493 kW) at 8,000 rpm and 487 lb-ft (660 Nm) of torque at 6,000 rpm. *** LIMITED then Click "Saved Cars" above. 2013 in LamboNEWS. ACTIVE On the front end, lifting struts raise the very low nose for additional ground clearance. CALIPERS! 2011 The new series commemorates the longstanding rapport between the Italian automaker and prestigious tire manufacturer. Include: is Ahh! Perhaps out of necessity, the integrated rear wing extends at high speed to balance the overall aero package. Single... Gulf Coast Motorworks a I saw an ad from Marshall Goldman and called about their blue 2003 Lamborghini, ended up trading in the Gallardo to them. SYSTEM! The Lamborghini LP 700-4 is available for purchase at dealers in Coupe and open-air versions. The console, arguably the centerpiece of the cabin, features rows of machined buttons for navigation and infotainment. CARFAX Neither this site nor my E-mail is associated with the Automobili Lamborghini Holding SpA, LamboCARS.com is a non-commercial enthusiast website.We do not sell cars or parts, the Lamborghini name, all model names and the Raging Bull logo are registered trademarks of Automobili Lamborghini SpA, Very rare Lamborghini Reventon Roadster offered for sale. Lamborghini The production roadster weighs in at 3,585 lbs., only 110 lbs. *** Each mold was targeted for 500 cars each for a total of 4,000. According to most sources only 15 have been built, and very few of them were built as RHD models, that's Right Hand Drive for those markets that require the steering wheel on the right side of the dashboard. Engine, In 2009 Lamborghini unveiled the Roadster variant of the Reventon, with an even smaller production run of just 15 units.

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