It’s their contribution to a forthcoming Springsteen tribute titled Dead Man’s Town, a compilation marking the thirtieth anniversary of Born In The U.S.A. (and taking its name from that album’s title track). This must’ve been awesome for Springsteen, as Cash is clearly of the generation of American musicians Springsteen grew up revering, and would took inspiration from. Chromatics usually do some really cool stuff within that framework, and their version of “I’m On Fire” has that gauzy/dreamy/smeared vibe that makes their own records great. In 2000, Johnny Cash contributed his version of “I’m On Fire” to a Springsteen tribute entitled Badlands. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. The Airborne Toxic Event’s version kinda has that campfire hangout vibe with its casual, endearingly tossed off quality. If someone else was singing over this, I’d probably think it was really great. Watch Lorde Cover Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m on Fire’ in New Zealand Singer calls ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ classic “special” before debuting faithful rendition onstage Least favorite? Diana Ross Diana (1980) Featured the hit song "I'm Coming Out," which could have been about showering, based on the cover. Keith Urban also does one. He’s such an incredible songwriter. As I’ve noted on numerous occasions on this site, I’m a sucker for ’80s synth-pop, or contemporary bands that draw heavily on the form. Instrumentally, it’s a cool arrangement — the quickening of the pulse during the “ooo-ooos” is a nice touch. Another oft-covered song, Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire’, is taken apart by Bat For Lashes and turned into a long, yearning howl. For reasons I can’t entirely put my finger on, it is so bizarre and hilarious to me that this exists, and to be honest it’s included here purely because of that. This included a banjo rendition of “I’m On Fire.” It sounds like an alternate narrative in which Springsteen followed Nebraska not with Born In The U.S.A., but with another record of sparse and unsettling music, this time born from the swamps instead of the plains. This isn’t a hard award to win in this particular field. When you’ve got a song like “I’m On Fire,” that’s easy to play and to sing, you’re bound to wind up in some situation where people are sitting around and some dude picks up an acoustic and gives the song a go, whether people want him to or not. Sign up for our newsletter. Most artists are content to sleepwalk their way to the end of this song. This was a casual thing he was doing, and it still sounds like that, but I can’t help imagining what a more fully realized version of this interpretation could sound like alongside “To The Top” at a Twin Shadow show this fall. So it has some stature in the grand scheme of “I’m On Fire” covers. It’s become the “Yesterday” of his catalog. 24. Back in ’05, when Springsteen was touring the very underrated Devils And Dust, he did a small-scale solo tour during which he frequently featured drastically altered and rearranged versions of some of his classic songs. Anyone I mentioned this list to cut me off before I finished the explanation, and it was always with the same name: Bat For Lashes. It’s also very approachable. I never wanted to hear a pop-country rendition of “I’m On Fire” and now I have and that makes me sad.

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