Electric motorcycles and scooters are plug-in electric vehicles with two or three wheels. They also develop prototype electric vehicles for OEM customers. “Honda had no previous experience with electric powerplants. "On the other hand, there are increasing numbers of people who are willing to contribu-te to the preservation of the global environment. Also, at the time not much research was being done with regard to alternative-fuel vehicles.”. We also considered participating in the WSC, simply because we knew the harsh conditions of such a race would enable us to produce our technology even more quickly.". "After making some alternations in the hardware specifications (Note*3) and meeting all legal requirements in Japan and the U.S.," recalled Matsumoto, "we took the EV out for a test drive.". In particular, the motor and control devices were of critical importance. "What do you know; it runs okay," the team members said with obvious relief. The Honda EV Plus was a two-door, five-passenger hatchback design that was created from the ground up, as it wasn’t based on any of the existing Honda models. The EV Plus features two different driving modes; regular and economy, in the regular mode the EV had much better performance, acceleration, and all around power. The 2012 Gen 2 RAV4 EV, as well as the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, use J1772 instead of the obsolete Magne Charge. The Honda EV Plus was the first production battery electric vehicle from a major automaker with non lead acid batteries. 2021 Clarity Plug-In Hybrid shown in Modern Steel Metallic. Despite lingering concerns that it was an unusual choice, the first motor Honda engineers put together performed at a level that exceeded their expectations. Electric scooters have a step-through frame. When their generation ages to the point that they will be able to buy cars-say, in five to ten years-those cars will have to come with standard environmental and safety equipment. https://www.seattleeva.org/mw/index.php?title=Honda_EV_Plus&oldid=6272. Despite the short run, The vehicles range was affected by the way is it driven, quick acceleration and fast stops lower the range. Yoshino's words were more than an encouragement. You bought it because it’s a Honda. [19] Honda allowed some customers to extend their EV Plus lease for a few years. Therefore, there was an element of invention inherent in the development process.". Honda EV Plus on MSN Autos. Ads can be annoying. I was so disappointed that they hadn't put more passion into the project. "The members were not easily united," said Kenzo Suzuki, Project Leader (PL) in charge of the testing of electric vehicle powerplants. The Honda EV Plus actually has a pretty long and storied past that led up to its eventual debut in 1997. It was produced by the General Motors subsidiary Delco Electronics. SEVA meetings are held every second Tuesday. In fact, they used the same powertrain design as the EV Plus but modified it for hydrogen fuel-cell use. As a result, most of the team members had no knowledge of electric vehicles. NOTICE: Visit the Maillist page for help joining the new google groups email list, the old maillist is no more. The meeting also led them to reconfirm the necessity of enhancing technology with regard to the internal combustion engine, such as improving gas mileage and reducing emissions. The Nissan R'nessa is a station wagon manufactured by Nissan from 1997 to 2001. Previously, they built an electric sports car, the tzero and the eBox, an electric conversion based on the Scion XB. Careful driving in economy mode would give it a range of about 80–110 miles (130–180 km). thought Junichi Araki, LPL of the first-generation EV basic research team. [17] The final EV Plus was assembled in April 1999; in total, approximately 325 were leased to customers: 300 in the United States, 20 in Japan, and 5 in Europe. Why don't you just dig a hole, and bury it!" The experience, however, became a driving force for coming up with new ideas and inventions. This page you are viewing is part of the SEVA Wiki Archive, Please visit the new Official Website! ", There still was time before the ZEV Act was to be enforced. the Honda EV Plus debuted, it was ground-breaking, but mostly for Honda. It offers AC-induction traction motors. I was so disappointed that they hadn't put more passion into the project." No matter what happens or where it happens in Canada or the United States, we’re right there with you. '", Araki then spent about two hours explaining the reason for his outrage, saying that at first glance it was obvious that the car was "a compromise; an excuse for having had no previous experience.". The Honda e is not Honda's first all-electric-powered vehicle—the company has been working on EV technology since the late 1980s and has … The Development and Engineering divisions worked as a unified force in that respect, ascertaining the machine's engineering feasibility and ensuring its high quality. The first prototype EV was completed in December 1995, reflecting the vast amounts of data obtained through research results, drive tests, and interviews. See the latest models, reviews, ratings, photos, specs, information, pricing, and more. Therefore, we decided to take up the challenge of making an electric vehicle. Only 300 or so EV Plus models were produced and released. The Honda Clarity is a nameplate used by Honda on alternative fuel vehicles. ", "When it's complete, introduce it immediately," said Hiroyuki Yoshino, then the executive vice-president. [6]. The heater had an output of 7 kW (24,000 BTU/h). The name stands for Zero Air Pollution. [13]. It was an unexpected move by Honda's competitors that proved the company had made the right choice. With Honda LaneWatch™,* live video of the passenger-side roadway reveals nearly four times more than the passenger-side mirror alone. Request a dealer quote or view used cars at MSN Autos. While production of the Honda EV Plus ended in 1999, right before the debut of the first-generation Honda Insight, Honda engineers were able to use some of the parts and design for the FCX Fuel Cell car that came out in 2003. 7 days a week. [8] The lease cost included comprehensive collision coverage, all maintenance, and roadside assistance. If a car doesn't lead to greater experience, we might as well not build it. There was no time to lose, and accordingly the project members split into two groups: one in Japan and another in the U.S. The Audi e-tron is a fully-electric mid-size luxury crossover SUV produced by Audi, which was unveiled as a concept car at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Honda used this lease program to attract drivers. At the time, Honda was the last automotive company in Japan to start work on electric vehicles. Why don't you just dig a hole, and bury it! Two generations of the EV model were sold in California, and to fleets elsewhere in the US, with a gap of almost ten years between them. Honda used this lease program to attract drivers. From late 2006, “MiEV” encompasses all of Mitsubishi Motors’s electric drive systems work, including lithium-ion batteries, in-wheel motors and other technologies related to electric vehicle(EV), hybrid-electric vehicle and fuel-cell vehicles. Thanks for that. In a race against time the car was manufactured using a commercially available motor and battery obtained from the market. Thus, at the switchover point from research to development, it was determined that California would be the main market for electric vehicles, with an annual production plan of about 300 units. At the time, there was no motor compact enough yet high enough in output or efficiency to be loaded into an electric vehicle. "Before I knew it," recalled Araki with a chuckle, "I was yelling, 'You call this a car? "However, we have to start somewhere," they thought, as they worked to assemble an electric vehicle from the skeleton of a CR-X. I'll always remember the words of one of them: 'This car is right for me. [1], A first prototype was designed, based on the existing three-door hatchback Civic, retrofitted with commercially-available electric motor and lead-acid batteries, and modified with numerous weight-saving measures, including aluminum body panels and acrylic plastic windows; it was completed in July 1991 and ran without issues. And free is good, right? learned from the EV Plus, which plays into a lot of technology and innovations In fact, they used the same powertrain design as the EV Plus but modified it for hydrogen fuel-cell use. It was the first mass-produced and purpose-designed electric vehicle of the modern era from a major automaker, the first GM car designed to be an electric vehicle from the outset along with being the first and only passenger car to be marketed under the corporate General Motors (GM) name instead of being branded under one of its divisions. In the U.S, Honda had dispatched several teams of associates to major electronic manufacturers. Information on several themes was gathered and debated, including, of course, those relating to electric vehicles, for which a project had been started two years earlier. SEVA meetings are held every second Tuesday. MIEV or MiEV is the name given by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) to its alternative propulsion technologies. As these first generation Toyota RAV4 EV electric vehicles retire from the roadways, Magne Charge will be completely obsolete since no existing or future electric vehicles can use it. However, the motor was entirely different from that found in a conventional car. At the time Honda announced it would discontinue production, it promised to continue to re-lease and service the EV Plus indefinitely.

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