The convoy arrived at Singapore shortly after noon on 5 February 1942 but not before a heavy enemy air attack was carried out. The Americans thought they faced a very powerful enemy, even heavy cruisers were thought to be present. The Combined Striking Force put to sea from Surabaya at 1830 hours. Later the enemy was reinforced by several more cruisers. 3) The five Allied cruisers, HrMS de Ruyter, HMS Exeter, USS Houston, HMAS Perth and HrMs Java. After leaving the minefield the British destroyers were ordered to proceed at full speed. Both British destroyers (HMS Jupiter and HMS Encounter) were now ahead of the cruiser line. As they went they drifted away astern. Thereupon the US destroyers altered course to starboard, in order to break clear of the smoke that they had just laid. (2), 14 Feb 1942Around 1600 hours, an Allied task force, now made up of five cruisers; the Dutch light cruisers HrMs De Ruyter (Cdr. Also at 1715 hours, a torpedo track passed closely by HMS Jupiter and a moment later one was seen to pass astern of HMS Exeter. E.E.B. The destroyers then turned around and fired their port torpedoes five minutes later. Harris, USN), USS Pillsbury (Lt.Cdr. P.B.M van Straelen, RNN), the Dutch destroyers HrMs Witte de With (Lt.Cdr. Doorman, RNN) and HrMs Java (Capt. They were off Surabaya when they received a signal from Admiral Doorman that they were to proceed to Batavia to fuel and receive orders where to obtain new torpedoes. The Encounter attacked through a clearing in the smoke. Gordon, MVO, RN) joined around 0800 hours and a little over two hours later the British destroyer HMS Jupiter (Lt.Cdr. HMAS Perth and USS Houston arrived at Batavia at 1400/28 and quickly commenced fuelling. When they received this order the four US destroyers were between the Allied cruiser line and the enemy. Around 2230 hours HrMs De Ruyter and HrMs Java opened fire on the Japanese which were taken by surprise. Course was then set towards the Gaspar Staits. A line was then formed in the order, HrMs De Ruyter, HrMs Java, HrMs Piet Hein, USS John D. Ford and finally USS Pope. Contact was now made again with the Japanese heavy cruisers Nachi and Haguro. At 1616 hours, HMS Exeter reported a cruiser and four destroyers bearing 330°, range 14 nautical miles. South of Java operated the Japanese 1st Carrier fleet that had left Kendari (Celebes) and proceeded south through Stait Sape. J.M.L.I. Allied air attack It was around this time that a hit was observed on the Haguro. The Asashio turned a searchlight on which was quickly taken out by a salvo from the Java. Sparking excitement about maritime heritage, naval service, and the American experience. In the ensuing Battle of Tamatave, Renommée struck after her mainsail was set on fire. At this range they could only be engaged by the two Allied heavy cruisers. After the departure of the US destroyers the remaining ships of the Allied fleet proceeded westwards along the north coast of Java. The US destroyers were astern of the cruiser line and the two Dutch destroyers were about two nautical miles to port of the cruiser line. Waller, DSO and Bar, RAN) and the British destroyers HMS Electra (Cdr. These conquests gave them sea and air control over the Makassar Strait and the Molucca Passage. P.B.M van Straelen, RNN). Shortly afterwards the enemy heavy cruisers were seen to retire westwards. View our programs, plan your visit, and make a reservation. Thew, RN) and the Australian destroyer HMAS Vampire (Cdr. The only ships that had participated in the Battle of the Java Sea that managed to escape were the four US destroyer. HrMs Java (Capt. Lacomblé, RNN and flagship of Rear-Admiral K.W.F.M. The US destroyers were astern. Destroyers will have to refuel tomorrow.’. Clorinde, commande… One of these survivors subsequently died aboard the submarine. They encountered and were engaged by patrolling Japanese destroyers but managed to escape. The Perth fired several follow up salvoes into the smoke screen which became so dense that the Japanese temporarily lost sight of the Allied fleet.

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