That made it one of the most expensive Japanese road vehicles ever. The LS has always been produced at Toyota’s Tahara factory in Japan. While you're figuring out what you want to get, go to as many local meets, shows, and/or track events as you can. That’s because the RC F weighs less and has adjustable traction settings. Not many years after their debut, Lexus became one of the best-selling luxury car manufacturers in America. We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to visit. Likely Condition Today: Most will have a faded and often torn convertible top. Before it released the IS F, there was no dedicated performance sedan for the automaker. The stock bottom end is said to be good for 375hp with the cast pistons being the limiting factor. With several of these vehicles still in production, you could opt to buy one new or look through the used cars near you to find an older model. Since many have gone before you, the kinks have been worked out of the components you'll be buying and the common failure points are well documented. It also has a coil-spring independent suspension in the rear and front, gas-filled shock absorbers, ball-joined stabilizer bars, and 19-inch forged aluminum wheels.

There were also a few problems to look out for on early models: tail light gaskets could fail and allow water and exhaust fumes into the hatch, and the transmission was prone to pop out of gear. If a swap is what you're after, Honda's K24 (found in the TSX, Element, CR-V, Accord) is an ideal upgrade with a substantial increase in torque and the potential for more power with bolt-ons or forced induction. The Dodge Neon was not a good car – it was one of the worst cars of the early 2000s and probably came at a time when no one wanted a car this size, or with these features. Fans rejoice! Need we say anything about the Mustang GT? While non-running cars may seem like a good idea as a foundation, consider opting for something that runs so you have an opportunity to "fall in love" with the car, the way it drives, and evaluate the quirks it has. And when it is the SRT8 trim, it's one of the best muscle cars to be had from the used car lot, even though getting one under $10k can only be described as a steal. Chevrolet followed Dodge’s Neon to SRT-4 conversion formula for this, and made the Cobalt, an erstwhile boring car, into the Cobalt SS that came in three options of naturally-aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged engines. Also remember, the liftgate release is a button, not a lever, so be gentle. 2007-2012 Lexus LS. Of course, Japan got the turbocharged CA18DET and SR20DET, which have been the two engine swaps of choice for 240 owners for decades. Once you've had a little fun driving it around you can start thinking about mods. The year range we've recommended covers the first-generation DSM models which give buyers a wide range of options from the more affordable front-wheel drive non-turbo models, all the way to the turbocharged GSX, with 180-195hp, and all-wheel drive. Likely Condition Today: Many have been modified already and could provide a decent starting point. This high-powered vehicle features a 5.0-liter 2UR-GSE V8 engine that produces 467 horsepower. Horsepower isn’t all that got added to this supercar. Move inside the car and look up the Japanese VIP style for inspiration here. There was also Bluetooth and a 13-speaker audio system included as well as iPod integration. This car set the record for a car without non-competition tires, making it the fastest Lexus ever built. Some of the safety features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning System, and Lane Keeping Assist. And if the differential is welded, walk away. This offers impressive control, a comfortable ride, and minimum body roll. Maybe "everyone" else wants to go drifting and they've forgotten about the gems from DSM - their loss is your gain. Where To Start: First, drop the top and go for a drive. Compared to smaller displacement imports, the tC has more mid-range torque and responds well to turbocharging and supercharging.

If you thought the Lexus LFA was the holy grail of their vehicles, you were wrong.

These are the people you'll call when you're stuck on the side of the freeway, and for many of us, the people that have become lifelong friends.

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