I love all the old islands, especially Nabooti and Haunted House! A whopping 70% said it was inaccurate! and pelican rock has a glitch whenever you use the mixer drill it gets stuck on the loading mouse! The model also indicates the president could win a bigger majority in the Electoral College this time than he did in 2016. XD, Gotta protect ourselves from those computer viruses xD. Red dragon 8. Anonymous August 23, 2020 at 4:37 PM. I reallyyyyyyyyyyyy want to have the contest for making islands and if you don't know how to make that happen(which is unlikely because you poptropica creators seem so smart you must know EVERYTHING) I have an idea how to do it. Continue being amazing! If you have any suggestions on what islands to try to copy next, comment below. Take a peek for next maintenance March 11th 2020 updateWe will got:1. level 1. For more information see Supercell's Fan Content Policy. omg there is a poptropica airline?! Heard something about Zomberry being available about half a year ago, but I've heard nothing of it since. Did mine at 9 weeks. Mystery Train, Spy Island, and Ghost Story would be great!! Hopefully, it'll make it to all Assistant displays and not just Google's first-party Nest Hubs. Couldn't agree more, hopefully we'll get atleast some of the islands back before the end of the year.. Total game changer... Maybe I should take a look, every time I try to get the soda bottle on top of the building it always mixes up the sequence totally different from what I directed in the basement. In the email, they sent me state it was 100% positive result of being male. I would really love to see one of the wimpy kid islands or the big nate island. My sister and I have spent precisely 3 full days drawing out this island and if there is no contest, all of our hard work will go to waste!! So many of us have either finished all the islands, are stuck on the islands, or finished some islands and are stuck on the rest. Put some jobs on home island so poptropicans can get interviewed, get hired, and earn credits! Having a boy , I did sneak peek clinical and got a boy result at 9 weeks.... confirmed with a 3d ultrasound at 14! Google a guide, there are plenty around, Thinknoodles has done video walkthroughs on almost every island, No no no Back in 2018 I got to start playing poptropica on coolmathgames.com;Idid not know there was a poptropica.com, Really? Thank you for converting these islands! Back lot15. I was positive I had no male DNA present when I took the test. President Trump is all but certain to be re-elected, according to a political science professor who has developed an accurate presidential election prediction model. The sneak peek is very brief, though, and we only get to see one screen dotted with the dark mode (we've asked Jan for a longer video or more photos, and will update this post if we get them). I loved the wimpy wonderland island and I hope that I can play it again one day. God is everywhere—even in the news. tell me the stories right or wrong! We respect everyone’s right to express their thoughts and opinions as long as they remain respectful of other community members, and meet What to Expect’s Terms of Use. I don't like animated films so I liked the new one a lot better, werent those islands converted already since theyre on the app? ^^, please hurry as fast as you can. We should get a resteraunt on home island, but not like pop's. Clash of Clans October Skin Revealed, the Pirate Warden + Skin Giveaway! It said boy (I did not contaminate) and NIPT confirmed girl. I relay want to see zomberry island back in the game i miss it. I don't know what it is but I am dying to find out! Also (you'll love this part) I built parts of early poptropica!! I'd love to get back to the classics, So are we gonna be told what these Airways are? Sound off in the comments below on what Island you want to see next! where can you go?! Norpoth's model predicted Trump would win in 2016, even when the polls seemed to indicate the opposite. Also it would be cool if poptropicans could get real jobs!

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