They take her deep into the island to retrieve the vaccine. Dominion Mayu is first introduced when she arrives at the closed-down restaurant (then inhabited by Kouta, Yuka and Nyu) to return an umbrella she found at the beach. In episode 11, Shirakawa attempts to protect Kouta from both Mariko and Lucy, but is sliced in half at the waist by Lucy; in her final moments, she hopes that Kurama will forgive her for failing to stop Lucy. ( es tu nombre en la historia , y tu segundo nombre y tus apellidos) es la hija e princesa de la Diosa de la luna Artemisa, una joven princesa amable, sensible, y sobre todo amor hacia los humanos. One guard foolishly rushes her and has his heart torn out. Feel Nilvalen from No Game No Life. In an attempt to recapture Lucy, Kurama sent out Nana to find her (diclonii can telepathically sense each other) and as a present, gives her his tie, something which Nana had always wanted, which she wears as a bow to conceal her horns. Feel Nilvalen. He is able to influence their weaknesses and control them. In the hospital, Nousou removes the component in Barbara's forehead to see if they can truly coexist with humans, she cuts off his head and goes after Nana. Erufu Tell me if you agree! However, in quite a few ways, she is a typical teenager, particularly when it comes to dealing with her feelings for Kouta and friendships with the girls who come to live with them. Isobe thinks poorly of her as a result. While he is violent, ruthless and all too willing to kill, he takes great offense to acts of perversion, such as child molestation; when Mayu asks for his aid when she is attacked by the unnamed man, Bandō expresses intense disgust over the man's actions. Nana is my...", as the scene fades.[6]. When she is about to finish Nana off, Kurama shoots her in the head and regains his sanity. She has some breathtaking physical attributes as well as the characteristic elven pointy ears, and a captivating presence. 森妖精 (エルフ) This notion of elf was distorted through time. On Enoshima Island near Kamakura, Yuka tells Kouta that they used to play there on Yuigahama Beach a lot when they were children, and begins to suspect that he cannot remember those times, a notion he tries to laugh off. She demands to know why he allowed her to suffer in the institute her whole life, and becomes jealous when Nana calls Kurama "papa." Aired: Apr 2014 – Jun 2014. They also possess an acute sense of hearing.[2]. Fulfilling the promise he made to Lucy as children, Kouta kills her. He appears to know of the man, a traitor of The Organization, who aided in Jyugo's escape, as Jyugo had forgotten about the incident. Overlord Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Lucy hates humans mainly because of how she was alienated by her human peers as a child, several of whom she eventually killed after they captured a puppy which Lucy had been caring for and beat it to death in front of her. [6], Voiced by: Jōji Nakata (Japanese); Jason Douglas (TV), David Wald (OVA) (English). Although she can still propel herself through the air with her vectors, she must use a wheelchair to move around. He takes in a whiff of salt sea air as he walks, wondering if his cousin will meet him, and what she looks like now since he cannot remember her face. It was also later revealed that Elf was the inmate that Enki Gokuu had killed, as one of his abilities appears to be entering the bodies of his hosts and manipulating their bodies. Light Novel As a cleric, she is exceptionally skilled in the use of white magic, healing spells and defensive abilities. However, despite her skills, age and wisdom, she is a very fragile and scary elf-girl. That’s why we’re dedicating this list to them, our Top 10 Anime elves! In the anime, after Kurama dies, Nana is devastated and almost gives up all hope for the future. . One comments and the other agrees that something is in the air, just as it was when another fellow guard died. Several cases throughout the novels, characters from the New World express awe at this trait: Igvarge distinctly remembered an important detail about elves with heterochromic eyes, before he was killed by Mare. She is revealed to be a spy sent by the Japanese government, which is suspicious of Chief Kakuzawa, who, however, seems to be one or more steps ahead of her. I do know I left out some big ones such as Puck from Berserk, the Dark Elf from Bikini Warriors and pretty much all the girls from Tears to Tiara. However, Kurama does not return the feelings because most of his time he focuses on attempting to find and terminate Lucy, therefore, keeping the relationship strictly professional. [11] (In the manga she is introduced at age twelve and turns thirteen; but in the anime she is introduced at age 13 and turns 14.) However, she states that she will not kill him but will instead kill everyone that he cares about. Though he is fully human, he is as homicidal and apathetic to other people as the worst diclonii are. When giving birth, his wife Hiromi Kurama was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had her cervix removed. For the district in Japan, see, Elfen Lied (anime) | Episode 4: Attack ~ Aufeinandertreffen,, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 September 2020, at 06:48. As she leaves, Kurama orders the surviving soldiers back inside and orders a sniper to target Lucy before she can escape by sea. Saito, only moments from death, detonates the bomb in Mariko's arm, effectively stopping her from any further destruction. Humanoid [13] She is described as the most powerful of the diclonius; in the anime, it is stated that she has 26 vectors (although in the manga, she has over 50) which have a range of up to 11 metres (36 feet).

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