With this program, you can create amazing projects, such as sliders, tickers, accordions, and captions for slideshows. This is an amazing alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver. Visual Studio Code offers the best cross-platform code editor with the combination of reliable developing tools for programmers. Even you are free to edit rows and columns as per your requirements. Also, KompoZer doesn’t support Dreamweaver templates. Moreover, this software has helped many many web developers and designers, starting from beginners level to the professional stage. If you’re searching the top best alternatives to Adobe Dreamweaver, there is the best software checkout. Notepad++ is another very famous web development tool for programmers who relies on the fast blazing speed with various programming languages to execute. Use the application center or the following commands to install Brackets: Brackets is a feature-rich text editor that allows web developers to work with design right in the browsers. Pricing- Sublime Text 3 is free to use but if you want to get more benefits of this tool than buy at $80. If you are looking for themes in the coding tool, then Atom works best. To simplify your web development needs, we have created the alternative list of Adobe Dreamweaver for your online web presence. You can take benefit from a bunch of features which includes code folding functionalities, debuggers, new themes, IntelliSense support. Your email address will not be published. Pricing- Notepad++is free to use and is built on open source. Based on Eclipse, it includes tools for working with the authoring of HTML5 and CSS with color syntax highlighting and code completion, outlining, and debugging. If you want a Dreamweaver alternative without all the bells and whistles, this might be an option. You can take benefit from a bunch of features which includes, code folding functionalities, debuggers, new themes, IntelliSense support. This program allows you to work with HTML, CSS, XHTML, etc. This software is mainly used for writing web and cloud-based applications. Pricing- Atom is free to use and is developed as open source. Considered as an alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver, Brackets is another web development tool in our list which boasts modern text editor to give the exact help in need. Brackets offers inline editor, live preview, and preprocessor support. Pricing- SpaceMacs is free to use and is developed as open source. TextMate is another open-source project for Mac developers. Like Dreamweaver, it offers a WYSIWYG tool and manual coding. Also, you can install FTP into BlueGriffon as an add-on. Apart from real-time multi-page editing, the program offers CSS & SASS styling, powerful CSS Grid tools, and smart components for Foundation, Bootstrap, and WordPress. VSC supports JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, HTML, CSS,C++, Java, PHP, Go, C#, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Objective-C extension languages. This software boasts many star features for being a master in the web development tool. Consistency, Discoverability,  Mnemonics and Crowd-Configured to extend the full editing authority to the programmers. In 2016, due to Apache Foundation support, NetBeans became an open-source project with modernized community contributions. 3. It is created specifically for web-design and front-end development. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter! However, this program doesn’t include such features as frames, collaborative editing workflow, server-side programming, XSLT, MathML, XPath, SVG, XForms, RSS, or Atom.

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