Yet, the country is still faced with some economic problems. The totality of the actions and activities embarked upon by the social sector should in the long run outlive our generation and make our country and our world a better place for generations to come. The social welfare program also serves as an opportunity to some risk households to avial themselves of such opportunity in maintaining and preserving their dignity as human. See the: 4 Ways to Eradicate Poverty in Nigeria. Good governance starts with us; we are also responsible for this situation in the country. The situation will continue to be terrible if the nation remains on the same undeveloped level as it is now. There are many factors that lead to the social problems in Nigeria today. Government’s social welfare is important, given the fact that, it allows for a system where members of the society particularly, the less-privileged can enjoy their fundamental rights, and as well, access a good number of social amenities as provided by the government. However, with the advent of the Internet, thousands of free courses and training abound which the social sector and its talents must optimise. And in most cases government do get  strapped for funds. Ms Osayi Alile is the CEO, ACT Foundation, Lagos. To truly make a difference, non-profits must outlive their founders. This social welfare program in most cases come as financial assistance. Morso, social welfare policy as stated earlier is very important since it alleviate poverty among the members of the society and allow for quality lives of these people. His administration created a plan to convert Nigeria into one of the top 20 biggest global economies by 2020. Infrastructure may seem like a simplistic point compared to other issues like Boko Haram, but how can a country develop without a dependable power supply? It is designed to solve some of the  societal problems. 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Nigeria Table of Contents. Being young is a stage of life where anything is possible and much can be achieved. google_ad_height = 600; Joseph Athanasius is a Content Developer at, 10 Reasons Why Nigeria is Underdeveloped despite abundant human and natural resources, Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria; Meaning, World Ranking, Factors that Affect, Steps to Improve, It is Possible to Lift Over 100 Million Nigerians Out of Poverty in 2020, Human Capital Innovation Secret for Prosperous Nigerians and Nigeria. Agriculture and manufacturing have more linkages in the economy with a high capacity for employment and income generation. When peaceful means do not work, the radicalism among youths will continue to grow. The last function of social welfare I will love to mention in this article is that of providing members of the public supplemental nutrition assistance. Medicaid serves as the nation’s primary source of health insurance coverage for low-income populations. Good leadership will provide an enabling environment for people to enjoy quality governance and justice. Social welfare is about improving the livelihood of the people particularly, the disadvantaged members of the society. Social welfare policy and program, apart from addressing issues related to poverty, for example, crime among the younger generation and mental disorder among the members of the society, occasioned by depression. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9755093768544960"; A lot of Nigerian graduates were not even able to acquire useful skills during their education process. It is the starting chain of industrialisation and a source of foreign exchange. Nigeria’s federated structure gives significant autonomy to states. It was among these people that ways of life remained deeply consistent with the past. The major factors hurting the Nigerian economy include inflation, unemployment, government policy, monetary policies, inadequate infrastructures and power supply, inadequate health facilities, insecurity, ineffective leadership and corruption, and over-reliance on oil. That is why they apply for jobs, and they are not hired due to the lack of specialized skills. In Nigeria, the federal government has a valid monopoly of setting the price of products and other services and goods. Previous research work reveals that most governments in Africa are faced with That is why states that offer Child’s Health Insurance Program CHIP coverage, work closely with their individual Medicaid program. Thanks to the Youth Empowerment, young people are now able to learn skills that will serve them and develop their lives. They turn to unconscionable activities because there is nothing else except to generate income or occupy their time. However, the programme failed to reach its objective. There is a higher crime rate and such vices as alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution continues to spread even more widely among youths. Read More: 25 Ways to Improve Health Care Delivery in Nigeria. Social welfare policy and program, apart from addressing issues related to poverty, for example, crime among the younger generation and mental disorder among the members of the society, occasioned by depression. Once a child is qualify, there will be no need of buying an insurance plan that will cover their health. The purpose of this scheme, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, as the name implies, is to make  temporary provision for financial assistance to members of the public particularly, for those pregnant women living within the society and families with some dependent children. The challenges aggregate to stunt growth and development and engender poverty. google_ad_width = 300; However, another school of thought believes that the fundamental Nigeria problems as they relate to the economy are unemployment, corruption, devaluation of the national currency, poor infrastructure management, and disproportional taxes and benefits.

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