I thought that was a pretty good deal. The agent I spoke to that day said that the dates in question were nowhere near full nor were they anywhere near closing. This is so upsetting and disheartening. She knows very well the Etruscan language and her husband Arthur is an archeologist studying Etruscan tombs. Aj 4 din hogay zaleell hotay huye pehli sallary i hy aur wo b nai nikal rahe bakwas hy. Some of the customer service reps refuse to play this game for higher pay because they don't agree with the business practices. Joan has nightmares of Etruscan sacrifices. Lol so they hope you'll see only what they want you to see and ignore the rest. The rest of the cast are typically terrible and authenticity-wise the film has more holes than a colander.Having said that its one of those "so bad its good" films, but don't take it seriously. SCAM!!! I was appalled at what I was being told and no report was written NO "I'm so sorry this is unacceptable" they basically made it as if it were no big deal that I was so scared and almost sexually assaulted (I was so shook up that now I realize and wish I would have made them call the police and make a police report) I was just so scared and wanted to get out of there asap so we checked out immediately. The plot is about as daft as you can get. I recently attended Silverleaf Piney Shores Resort in Conroe, Texas...after about 4 hours of us saying NO we can not afford that they give us a $40 Visa which I used to fill my car with gas =D and a cetificate from Casablanca Express for 3 day 2 night paid trip to Las Vegas with a $100 deposit for fees and taxes. For a better film about attacking a train stick to Von Ryan's Express. It has been some issues but when contacting Casablanca we have always gotten great assistance in clearing the matter, our hotels have always been four stars and never had a problem with communication, refunds or perks for complaints. A Miami manual rickshaw driver finds himself entangled in the murder of a man he just met. The VP knows all too well his behavior (they're close friends btw). To top it all off 3 days after I left Las Vegas the Tropicana where I only stayed for 5 hours mind you put charges on my card!!! After attending a seminar that appears to be representing RCI points (see web address https://www.rci.com/pre-rci-en_GB/footer/consumer-alerts.page). PLEASE BEWARE!! You’ve one a free trip to Vegas! (1989). AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! I have asked Casablanca Express for a refund of my money over a month ago, and they still have not responded. The special counter-intelligence agent, Alan Cooper, is assigned to protect the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who is aboard the Casablanca Express, on his way to a top-secret meeting with Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin. Do yourself a favor and RUNNNN far away from this company!! On the first day leave airport at 5:15pm have to stop two times Houston and las angelas..get to las vegas at midnight. Thien after several years we get a notice saying that we could go on our trip?!?!? In a nightmare she foresees her ... See full summary ». A hotshot, wisecracking New York newspaper reporter, teams up with his crippled Army buddy Steve and sexy pilot Anne in Argentina to find an airplane called Condor rumored to have been ... See full summary ». When booking my travel I was given the choice to pay an additional $240 to "upgrade" my hotel. Good Luck to All...California. © 2020. © 2004-2020 ComplaintsBoard.com. This service is a scam. They entice people with "freebies" to upsell them and use fear tactics to get people to upgrade. !FRADULENT MISLEADING DISGUSTING COMPANY!!! I called them up and they said oh sorry it was an accident we thought it was someone else’s and refunded me afterrrrrrrr I called them so basically THEEY KEEP YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD ON FILE EVEN WAY AFTER YOU LEAVE!!! CA Thankfully my husband came out of the bathroom and saved me because i started calling out babe, babe hurry and they took off because they realized I was with a man. [protected] ext 2906, I think Casablanca is like every other company, there will be good and bad feedback. Search for "Casablanca Express" on Amazon.com, Title: The special counter-intelligence agent, Alan Cooper, is assigned to protect the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who is aboard the Casablanca Express, on his way to a top-secret meeting with Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin. In short, if you do business with CBE, you are agreeing from the very beginning that you will believe what they say (e.g., that the coupon book for Vegas shows they give you is worth 200$, and so on). “Words cannot express how amazing our vacation was to Orlando, Fl, thanks to Casablanca Express! Since its own employees wouldn't recommend it (but would never admit it publicly for fear of backlash), that's a major red flag. We arrive in Las Vegas and went to the hotel they booked me at (Tropicana) which is the oldest and worst hotel on the strip - we arrived at 3am and checked out by 10 am the next morning because the hotel was disgusting, Totally rundown, it smelt, it was dirty, there were bugs, and to top it all off while my husband went to the bathroom I was approached by 2 men and i feared for my safety. STAY AWAY. Because they're aware that one of the top searches for their company is "Casablanca Express Scam." The special counter-intelligence agent, Alan Cooper, is assigned to protect the British Prime Minister, Francesco Quinn Dead at 48: Anthony Quinn's Son Appeared with His Father in Three Movies, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast.

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