(Genevieve grabs Kathleen's book, and places the book on Kathleen's stone, which has a daisy on it, just like the book.) Janessa: (Giggles) No. Well, I should've realized. Here, dear cousin. (Rowena leaves and pour the medication into a potted plant). Doorman: (whispering)Haven't you heard? Rowena: The spoilt brats were telling the truth. We can't turn our backs when things get difficult. I said good night. Good morning, girls. The princess twirled 3 times. (Genevieve grabs her fan and fans Randolph: You must listen to the duchess. (The princesses don't listen again) Girls! Rowena: And it looks like I have my work cut out for me! to a special part of the garden) Want some company? So much commotion. (sing "Sacerdotes Domini" by William Byrd). Mr Genevieve: I don't care if he's a prince, a king or an emperor! Get off, you big oaf. My left. Now maybe I can A broken heart. (Desmond tries to get the carriage door fixed) Desmond, my things. But when their father is in danger of losing his kingdom, Princess Genevieve and her sisters must work together in order to save the day and their father. Where's yours, Ashlynn? queen. (he hugs his Janessa, Kathleen, and Lacey. Ashlynn: (Walks into dining room) Hello, Papa. The King is expecting you. (Picks flea off of Twyla) There's another! me, Delia. Rowena: (Notices mud on Blair's dress) Is that mud on your skirt? Rowena: Yes, you've ruled long enough, haven't you? Prince Derek: Was I supposed to bring shoes? I (Desmond You're no better than This morning you shall clean the front garden I want it spotless. At least, not by me. 'Italian" by Felix Mendelssohn). ), (the guards chase the twins, it’s Hadley and Isla’s turn. Stop talking with Rowena). King Randolph: I am, but I love when they sing for me. Rowena: No. I took The princess only visited the land Always the ringleader. in for me? (Notices Brutus) Can I hold him? told us: Big or small, there's a difference only you can make. Rowena: Oh, look. They're my favorite. Lacey) You're the runt of this family. that one. Doctor: Now, now. Delia:(sighs) At least the garden's done. That one next. Come back here! Don't remind me. They're out dancing with princes. Watch Full Movie; Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses (2006) Enchanted dancing in a magical world! The Rowena: Over? (Gives Genevieve's shoes to her) I hope you like them, Your Highness! You are each special, beautiful Tomorrow you'll clean the stables. (a monoculer magically appear)  Will wonders never cease? again. Do you see any princesses? Randolph: Courtney! You know I would. Isla: Thanks, Derek! Genevieve: Yes, Papa. See if you can match the flower on your book to the flower on a stone. Hey! Rowena: Well, if you really think I can be your service. Genevieve: (Walks by Lacey with Lacey's copy of The Dancing Princess in her hands) When we turned 5, Mother gave each of us a copy of her favorite story. Prince Derek: That'll do, Felix! Genevieve: (trying to redo it) One, two... Hm. Ashlynn: (Walks into dining room) Hello, Papa. (Sits down) Randolph: E… While the princesses walk down the staircase, the portal closes so the stones can be seen again.). my other shoes. ), (The other princesses follow Genevieve down the staircase to the golden platform where the pavilion can be seen from far away. (Twyla walks into one of the hallways, purring. Prince Derek: I'm glad you like them, Your Highnesses. Felix: No, not a purple one. Now The very last drop. throne room. know what this means? Rowena starts teaching the girls how to become proper in the upstairs foyer) Fans up. Apparently, you didn't learn they're hardly burdens. Blair: We can't even sing to pass the time. twelve. Rowena, you mustn't. How could I have It's just... means. there was a method to your madness. Were the The game features 16 exciting levels and four mini-games that you can play anytime. An invitation? And but your daughters are not the most responsible girls. They're just shoes! All accounted for. (cut to Rowena on the stairs in the land). (Genevieve and Lacey are walking to their father’s room to I don't trust her. Janessa, Kathleen, and Lacey: Please, Derek, please? the magic dust toward Rowena) What? And who can blame him? Line up this instant. They're the best part of my life. Felix: Are you kidding? I can't embarrass them in front of the kingdom by bringing groups of tutors. Guard #1:  Queen say goodnight to him, but they overhear a mysterious conversation instead and Desmond: I have failed you again, my grace. I lose sleep over them. Rowena: Haven't they visited you yet? Rowena: You can count on me, dear cousin. Scene 39a- outside where Delia and Edeline use their croquet Desmond:  You lead (The triplets get out of their beds. Hmm hm hm! Randolph: Meet my daughters. Don't do that. (gibbers, Twyla has put a mouse trap on Brutus’ finger). Genevieve: He's locked up, Rowena. At the end of the railing, they fall into he bushes. Rowena: This is what you wanted to show me? Rowena: Wonderful. She then gasps) Where's Harold?! You know it's exhausting just to think about it. working. Genevieve: Papa, maybe you should call the doctor. common maids. Oh, my dear Lacey. You need to be proper princesses. (Brutus, Duchess Rowena’s monkey, is in the girl’s bedroom, Kathleen, let me see your book. The princess was heartbroken, until she realized she brought some magic back with her. (Rowena then walks to the Throne Room, where the princesses are waiting), (The princesses stand in a line to greet Rowena, except for Genevieve, because she is always late like earlier). Try again. ), (Cuts to their older sisters dancing around the triplets), Blair, Courtney, Delia, Edeline, Genevieve, Hadley, and Isla: We spin for you, Janessa and chasse for you, Kathleen. (The triplets laugh) Happy birthday, girls. What's for lunch? Prince Derek: Maybe you can help me. (Brutus picks up one of the princesses dancing shoes and runs Tell me, are you often late? dungeon. Genevieve: He won't listen. us? Risky! Please, out. Mr. Fabian: You have me at a disadvantage. After the opening process, platforms which looks like a staircase appear from bottom to the top. Randolph: Well, like, uh, well, I'd, perhaps, uhh, um–. He won't be coming. Genevieve: How can you talk to her that way? Frustrated? wish we had some music! What you really need is an entire team, you see. And sadly, your mother is not here anymore, is she? Barbie Movies Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. the duchess. Royal Butler: The royal cobbler has arrived. What are you doing? Find them! (Genevieve looks out the window and sees a sketchy man (Desmond then stops fixing the door, which falls a bit. isn't it? Late again, hm? Whoaaaa! Felix: I better warn them about Desmond. Kathleen! Genevieve: (Looks at shoes, then gasps) Oh! Rowena: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, What else? didn't mean to. (Flutters fan, along with everyone else but Courtney) Coy. So dancing is forbidden strictly forbidden, and please, don't sing. pushes a tea cart with him on it and he rolls into a room that Fallon locks paying close attention? Of course. Mr., Fabian: That's between me and the duchess, isn't it? Derek: But I need to see Princess Genevieve. (Continues walking to her chair to sit down), Delia: Ooh! excuses. Courtney: (Walks into dining room while reading a book, and she bumps into Ashlynn while reading) Uh! Janessa: But she said stay right here till she gets back. duchess. I wish to know the way out. Scene 39-inside the castle, Rowena is telling Desmond Come here! Eh. Janessa: Papa, you won't believe what happened last night. Your Highness, I really think perhaps this is not–. Oh! (Kisses Randolph on cheek, then rushes out of the dining room). I thought you were unwell. Desmond: You're a lovely dancer. (the princesses to the King still in his bed not feeling to Genevieve: Would you find out who he is? Felix:  My, weren't we Bishop to queen 3. It doesn't say. Genevieve: It's nice to see you, your grace. Lacey: Whoa! King Randolph: No. Desmond! It's not fair. Rowena: Frankly, I'm not surprised, with the burdens you carry. I'm just a simple apothecary. (he awakens). Sentry 1: And the king requests his daughters visit him in his Thank you! the steps. Randolph:12 burdens? Lacey: I heard him tell Rowena that we're burdens. I hope you made a Randolph: Where is Genevieve? Happy dreams, girls. answers when I return. Oh, that's a laugh. Everybody (Sits down) Randolph: Blair. King Randolph: Lacey? to tell Rowena). Genevieve: I'm not surprised it leads here. Derek: We need to show Princess Genevieve the goblet. Rowena: Why are you smiling? (the golden statues come to life and one She wanted to stay forever, but that was not to be. (Derek give Genevieve her dead mother’s goblet). (Starts to walk down the staircases. Girls, quick. But (crash) Hey! The truth is... Genevieve: Don't be ridiculous. Taking The portal is fully open. diamonds on them? Good night. quarters. Randolph: Fallon! in tomorrow. Rowena: What? (The princesses run outside in the garden to find Prince Derek). You know, I should've brought Brutus: Oh. (Brings in a tray of tea) But, perhaps you're right. (Flips to first page). (Sits down on her chair), (The princesses begin talking loud, then cuts to a plate with hot cross buns, and the princesses grab them. I was here all night, Your Prince Derek: These are yours. Delia: Why use the closet when the floor is closer? (Kisses Randolph on cheek) Randolph: Ashlynn.

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