3 Things to watch in the New Orleans Saints Week 7 matchup against the Carolina Panthers. Been grinding with @questspeed getting ready for whatever is to come this year! Does that sound insanely difficult to you? Williams' performance in 2019 was 40 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 4 interceptions,  1 touchdown, 13 passes defended. Featured on Yardbarker and MSN.com, and formerly was a breaking news writer/NFL analyst for Bleacher Report. The Saints host the Panthers in a NFC South showdown, as New Orleans looks to keep pace with the Bucs. “Single leg reactive balance with combined cognitive hand eye coordination. As he steps up the bungee is pulling him into left rotation and extension, which he must overcome to maintain neutral forward-facing alignment. Last season, Kamara had a leg injury and prevented him from replicating his great 2018 season where is scored 18 touchdowns, 81 receptions, and 1592 yards from scrimmage. Then, I see a video like this one and I immediately snap back to reality and realize that I never could be an elite athlete. PLAYING BASEBALL TRANSLATES TO PLAYING QB! Look for the Saints to be more aggressive coming out of the gate when they return from their bye. COVID-19 may have caused a shut-down of OTA's, Mini-Camp's, and offseason training at the facilities. Follow David Hookstead on Twitter and Instagram. As an NFL running back Alvin Kamara must take on countless external forces as defenders attempt to tackle him, so it’s critical to train to overcome those external forces! I find myself foolishly wondering what it would have taken for me to be a football or basketball star. Kamara's intense workouts have become legendary for Saints fans. thrown his way by the trainer while at the same time juggling tennis balls. Montgomery will be competing for a roster spot on the team after one season with the New York Jets. Alvin Kamara (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/thecheckdown/status/1274476335046356994). The Checkdown shared a video of the talented running back going through a variety of drills and at one point he was catching tennis balls while on a balance ball. We’re just built differently. Alvin Kamara’s trainers have only posted a couple videos of his impressive workouts, but should the running back be exercising more caution while exploring his limits? Preparation doesn’t happen just in season!! Just wait until you see the video. MUSCLE MEMORY RECALL! Leverette tweeted the theory behind this regimen: ANYONE WHO UNDERSTANDS THE POWER OF BEING A MULTIPLE SPORT ATHLETE REALIZES THAT YOU ACQUIRE UNIQUE SKILLS AND MUSCLE MEMORY FROM DOING SO! He also will be a mentor to the young and talented Saints defensive backs. well I think we found a way @A_kamara6 SOUND ON Check my IG for full breakdown. In the videos, Montgomery displays his advantage, versatility. I guess that’s why Alvin Kamara is a superstar running back in the NFL and I make a living on the internet. Malcolm had a humorous way of working out by using weighted props and his daughters to climb the steps of his house. The Saints facilities are in lockdown mode until players return for training camp in July, some of the teams' players have maintained a workout regimen and posted on social media. It's hardly a secret on what's led to the Saints being 3-2 on the year, so where do they need to improve the most coming out of the bye week? Ty Montgomery's running and receiving abilities are skills Sean Payton will be able to exploit against defenses. Saints and Mayor Cantrell reach an agreement for fans at home games after a contentious and public battle. The New Orleans Saints players have been keeping in shape and working out amid the COVID-19 pandemic. No shoulder chip shots will be working on AK [Alvin Kamara] in 2020! Jenkins will partner with FS Marcus Williams. His football exploits don’t happen by accident. Being the vocal activist and philanthropist, Jenkins will be great to have in the New Orleans Saints locker room. Three X-Factors for the New Orleans Saints in their Week 7 Matchup against NFC SOUTH Rivals the Carolina Panthers. Anti-rotation step-ups with my guy working on that dynamic core strength. Give it a watch below. We’ve seen New Orleans Saints star Alvin Kamara do some absurd things on the gridiron. I thought it would be interesting to take a glimpse at the intense workouts of Saints' RB Alvin Kamara, S Malcolm Jenkins, QB Jameis Winston, RB/WR Ty Montgomery, and S Marcus Williams. Jameis and Leverette posted videos of his creative workouts. Assuming the NFL season kicks off as planned. Otis Leverette is Jameis Winston's trainer at ModernDay Fitness in Birmingham, AL. Kamara along with former Saints RB Mark Ingram are regulars at Athletix. Check out this wild workout. Also, he touched on the Michael Thomas situation. @A_kamara6, (via @doctor_reef) pic.twitter.com/6n0GYYuvrS, — The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) June 20, 2020. How close could I have gotten to the big stage? Alvin Kamara decided to workout in Florida with Dr. Sharif Tabbah DPT, CSCS of the Athletix Rehab & Recovery in the Miami, FL area. The addition of the ball swap decreases the time to react to the incoming stick and then requires quick reaction to relocate and catch it once again. Respect the Process!! You can follow the Saints News Network on social media at @SaintsNews (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). One includes using a rod as a bat to simulate a quarterback's torso movement. Speed & Performance Institute in Corona, CA. The New Orleans Saints Wednesday Injury Report for Week 7 against the Panthers. Either way, props to him for the insanely impressive workout routine. HE WON THE HEISMAN AND THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WHILE PLAYING BASEBALL! By Monty602 May 8, … Also this additional cognitive task further distracts the mind from the act of balancing. .“Layers on layers of progressions ✊ bro you never cease to amaze with your ability to adapt and overcome new physical and mental challenges!”. Alvin Kamara decided to workout in Florida with Dr. Sharif Tabbah DPT, CSCS of the Athletix Rehab & Recovery in the Miami, FL area. Coming off an injury-filled 2019 campaign, it sure looks like Kamara is physically and mentally ready to get back to the grind in 2020. If I tried any part of that video, I’d probably end up in the hospital with broken bones or ripped muscles. Dr Sharif Tabbah DPT, CSCS. Bob Rose and Kyle T. Mosley invite AllPanthers Managing Editor to talk about the Panthers vs. Saints game on Sunday. Assuming the NFL season kicks off as planned, of course. We’ve seen New Orleans Saints star Alvin Kamara do some absurd things on the gridiron.His football exploits don’t happen by accident. Compare Alvin Kamara’s core workout to your three sets of 20 crunches, or your two 1-minute ab bridge holds. New Orleans Saints superstar Alvin Kamara pulled off an insane balancing act during a recent training session. Kamara’s always got the challenging workouts ???? The Saints newly signed free-agent RB/WR Ty Montgomery has been busy "grinding" as well this offseason. We’re just built differently. Bob Rose and Kyle T. Mosley spoke with longtime New Orleans Saints journalist and author Jeff Duncan in a candid interview on his new book "Payton and Brees: The Men Who Built the Greatest Offense in NFL History." Either way, props to him for the insanely impressive workout … I wish I could say I’m lying, but I honestly think that’s how it would end. Every once in a while I manage to trick myself into believing I could have been an elite athlete if I had trained a little harder. The sluggish start that New Orleans is off to this season is reflective of how slow they're started each game. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football). @NFL #NFL #saints #whodat @ESPNNFL #athletixrehab #drreef #ak41 @Saints pic.twitter.com/D3Qy5b8hnz. Working with Dr. Sharif Tabbah, who specializes in training high-performance athletes, Kamara balances on one foot as he catches objects (BY COLOR!) As explained by Dr. Tabbah on his Instagram account, this workout pushes Kamara to the absolute max. I guess that’s why Alvin Kamara is a superstar running back in the NFL and I make a living on the internet. “There’s no way to make it harder than standing on a ball catching those colors”…. His competition will be RB Dwayne Washington and UDFA rookie RB Tony Jones, Jr. for slot behind Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray. Marcus appears strong, healthy, and ready to face the Saints competitors in 2020. Check out this wild workout… Still, these Saints players demonstrate how professional athletes can use creativity to maintain an edge ahead of July's training camp. Managing Editor at Sportsnaut. If nothing else, let it motivate you … Can a New Orleans defense that has struggled with penalties and blown assignments come out of their bye with a strong performance against division rival Carolina? https://www.radio.com/wwl/articles/watch-alvin-kamaras-insane-workout Register today for free or log in to access this premium article. Saints FS Marcus Williams has been training at QUESTSPEED New Orleans signed S Malcolm Jenkins in free agency for his veteran presence and ability to understand "how to win" in the NFL.

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